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Contact details:  Lion Greg Gin (Kerang)
Mobile: 0408 382 771

At the conclusion of the successful Corowa Convention, the Lions Club of Kerang AGAIN won the Travel Gavel Award for the umpteenth time. In one way it is great to win, because it shows how well Kerang supports our V6 Conventions, but on the other hand all the Gavel does is sit in our Lions Den gathering dust, until it is brought back to the next convention.

On the way home to Kerang, the Tartaglias and Gins had a bit of a “brainstorming” session to make the Gavel actually travel to other clubs in the District who may never even have seen the “Gavel”! Thus, the “Travelling Travel Gavel” project was born.
With the firm approval of DG Alan Millar, the Trataglias and Gins visited DG Alan’s home club of Barham-Koondrook (even though DG Alan and Lion Rose were away at the time) on Monday November 23rd 2009 to start the Gavel on its travel.  The idea was well received by the Club members.

We hope that this idea willl encourage Clubs to visit other clubs for fellowship and by having a distance tax to be paid, we hope to raise a bit of money for the V6 Foundation.

Above all, we hope that clubs have a bit of fun at the same time.

Clubs need to listen carefully to the Club passing the “Gavel” on to them because they will have to present the next club with the same informaiton.  Easy really, just read the Rules of the Travelling Gavel, check out the link below.

Don’t forget to send photos to the ROAR when the “Gavel” arrives at your Club and when you pass it on.l

Rules of the Travelling Gavel

If you need more pages of the “Travel Log” click on this link