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The ALF purpose is to provide help and assistance for public relief, emergency aid and community welfare for persons in necessitous circumstances in Australia. The Foundation provides financial assistance and support, in times of Disasters/Emergencies and for Community Welfare Projects.

WHO WE ARE – After Cyclone Tracy demolished most of Darwin in December 1974 , in the period 1975 to 1976, Lions Australia formed two bodies –

  • Australian Lions Community Emergency Relief Fund (“ALCERF”) to co-ordinate fundraising for disaster relief;
  • And a National Disaster Committee

In 1980 the Disaster Committee was amalgamated into the Emergency Relief Fund.

The Foundation was formed in 1981 by the District Governors of the day and this was formalised at the Multiple District Convention of Lions at Mt. Gambier in 1983.

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WHERE WE WORK – Drought Relief Appeal was a large part of our work from July 2018 onwards., and is still ongoing.

Nationally raised $1.5 Million

  • Fodder for livestock
  • Food for working dogs
  • Drinking water and food for families
  • Fuel to transport fodder
  • School fees
  • Medical Bills
  • Other household Bills (electricity etc.)

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How Donations are Sourced

Donations are received from Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs, Zones, Districts other Lions Groups, Individual members of the public – they are Tax Deductible for members of the public. Funds are also generated from Interest earned on Investments. And recently we have been receiving more Corporate Donations. Raising the profile of the Foundation to the general public by way of Media Releases, our web page and Facebook.

All donations to the Australian Lions Foundation stays in Australia

Donations to ALF

Donations are acknowledged and through the ALF Award Program, Clubs, Zones, Districts and other Lions Groups can recognise individuals or groups from within the community and the Lions Family. – can be made at any time and “banked” to use for an award at a later date, provided you stipulate at the time of donation. You do not have to name the recipient of the AWARD at the time of donation.

Except if the donation is to a specific Appeal – Bushfires/Drought/Other Major Event.

There is no restriction on the donor as to who they can recognise. Many Clubs, Zones, Districts and other Lions Groups recognise a member or members for such things as, years of service or because the member has completed a project of some consequence or has been a very active member of the club or of our organisation or community.





All Awards can be granted more than once to the same individual.  Award Application Forms are available from  the ALF Directors, District ALF Chairperson or can be down loaded:

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GRANTS  (Click on the headings to download application form)


Please note: Only MD201 Districts, Lions and Leo Clubs can apply for Australian Lions Foundation (ALF) Grants.


DISTRICT V6 CHAIRMAN: PDG Peter Poels (Benalla)
Address: 5 Swanlea Avenue, Benalla, VIC 3672
Mobile: 0448 399 227


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