District 201 V6

Victoria and New South Wales, Australia

DG Peter and Lion Julie, Cabinet Secretary at MD Convention - payback

The DG's message

Here we are in the final month of my year as District Governor of our fantastic V6 District, for Margaret and myself.                                                                                                     Once again I would like to thank all of our Clubs and its members for the courtesy and friendship that you have all shown towards us at the times of our Official Club Visits and also Zone Meetings, it is something we will always be grateful for.

Our “March to May Membership Campaign” has now finished and I have received advice that our V6 District received 46 Entries, so it is hoped that these can be converted into new members. To help clubs in this regard International President Chancellor Bob Corlew has announced that “New Members” Inducted between the 1ST and 10Th June 2017, will not be required to pay the entrance fee, as it has been “waived between those dates”.              Please note it only applies for “New Members” Inducted between these two dates.              At present the club with the highest increase in Membership so far this year is the Tungamah Lions Club with 6 New Members, followed closely by the Barooga & District and also the Walwa Jingellic Club having each Inducted 4 New Members in this our 2016 – 2017 Lions year, please accept my and our V6 District’s congratulations for your great efforts so far.                                                                                                                                                                               Early last month our Oaklands Lions Club were going to “close down due to some difficulties”, however because of the great communication and visit to the Oaklands Lions Club that PDG Lynn Fredericks and PDG Lionel Gillman were able to make the club will now continue thanks to Lion Lynn and Lion Lionel, more meetings to assist the club has also been planned by PDG Lynn, I and Lions Club International certainly appreciate your commitment to Lions and our V6 District.

Our Lions Club Changeovers have already started and Margaret and I have already enjoyed attending the Barham/Koondrook and Rochester nights, which have been most enjoyable. We also attended a Cohuna Lions Club Dinner Meeting where I had the pleasure of Inducting Leo Sara Douthat into their Lions Club which was great, and we hope that these type of Inductions “Leo’s to Lions” keep on being held for many years to come.

Most of our clubs have now started the Junior Public Speaking Competition with schools in their Community, and it is hoped that more clubs are taking part in this competition this year, as the schools and Parents of the contestants will certainly appreciate it.  This year the Benalla Lions Club has received requests from three more schools to take part in their Club’s competition although they are not in our V6 District, this now makes it a total of 10 schools in the Benalla Lions Club competition.                                                                                       

The Junior Public Speaking Chairperson gained permission from the District Governor who’s District they are from, and also from the Town’s Lions Clubs these schools are in, so this now allows 20 more students to take part in our Multiple District Project.                                            In the hope that this District considers taking on this Multiple District Project in the near future, the Benalla Chairperson has asked the District Governor from that District to be a judge at their Club Final (no reply as yet, but there is still time).

Our Cabinet Meetings for the 2016 – 2017 Lions year have now been completed, and I would again like to thank the members for giving me the Honour of being the District Governor for this our “Centennial Year”, Margaret and I will be forever grateful. Unfortunately my desire to increase our V6 Membership by 5 this year which was a figure I hoped we could achieve, did not come to fruition as of today the 3RD June 2017 we are still showing a decline of 62 Members in our District, unfortunately 16 of our other 19 Districts in 201 are also showing a decline, so it is hoped that out of the 46 inquiries mentioned above we will be able to Induct some new member’s, because our future depends on it.

Could I also please ask our V6 Clubs to remember our Foundations when completing your clubs annual disbursements, as all the money you donate will stay in Australia and our Foundations are ready to assist you when and if required.

On behalf of all of our V6 District Lions, Lions Ladies, lionesses, Leos and members of our lions Family, I would like to wish District Governor Elect Norm Walkington and Lion Lee safe travels too and from the International Convention in Chicago, and hope that they will enjoy this fantastic experience that they are going to be part of.                                                                      My best wishes also to all of the Lions (new and old) that have accepted positions on our 2017 – 2018 Cabinet and also in our V6 District’s Lions Clubs, and I hope that you will enjoy this great experience to further “take forward into the future” our District and Clubs.

Margaret and I, Norm and Lee Walkington hope to see many of you at our Cabinet Changeover on the 22ND July 2017. 

                                 Happy Members = Happy Club and Having Fun Whilst “We Serve” 




To encourage Clubs to keep their Membership happy and involved will also be very important to him, as it will help to “stop the drops”.

Peter’s theme is –  Happy Members = Happy Clubs and Having Fun whilst "We Serve"


We are the Lions

We meet the needs of our local communities and the world.

Our 1.35 million men and women in 207 countries and geographic areas conduct vision and health screenings, build parks, support eye hospitals, award scholarships, assist youth, provide help in time of disaster and much more.

Join us in making our communities and the world better places to live.

Membership is vital to keep our Service work going.

It is now my pleasure on behalf of Margaret and myself to wish all readers of our V6 Roar Newsletter a very Happy New Year, and we hope that the Festive Season was a great time spent with your family and friends.

We are now into the second part of the 2016 – 2017 Lions year, and it will be a busy time for Clubs and the members as we are also approaching the Multiple District Convention in Hobart, and the Lions Worldwide Centennial Celebrations, which will be held in Chicago.

The Multiple District 65Th National Convention in Hobart will be held from the 5Th to 8Th May 2017, and all of the Convention activities will be under the one roof, which will be the Wrest Point Entertainment and Convention Centre.                                                     It would be great to have a good number of V6 district Lions in attendance as Hobart is a Fantastic City to Visit and also to renew friendship with members of our Lions family.

After that the next Major event will be the International Convention in Chicago which will be our Centennial Celebrations that will be held from the 30TH June till the 4Th July 2017. Again it would be good for our District Governor Elect Norm and Lion Lee Walkington to have as many as possible V6 lions in attendance to witness his Induction.  The programs and activities that are scheduled will be fantastic.

In our own V6 District we can be part of this Celebration, as it has been requested by International President Chancellor Bob Corlew (and myself on my Official Club Visit) that all of our clubs provide a Centennial Gift to their Community, which some of our clubs have already completed, and others are well on the way to have these organised.  It is hoped that these “Gifts to the Communities” can be arranged at the same time as the Chicago 7Th June 2017 Celebrations, and that suitable plaques are attached to highlight the wonderful contribution that Lions make to their Communities Worldwide.      It will also be a good time to highlight again what Lions do in their Community (and world wide) by having the “local press” in attendance, to record the presentation of this gift.

I regret to advise all of our Members and readers of our Roar Newsletter that Past Council Chairman and also our V6 District Global Leadership Team Coordinator Andy Mojsiewicz has resigned as GLT Coordinator due to his ill health.   

On behalf of our Current Cabinet Members and all of our past and present Lions that have benefitted greatly from Andy’s knowledge and expert tuition at any of his training courses, I wish to thank Andy for his dedication and assistance, as no doubt he is in part responsible for our V6 District being the “Best District”.                                                  We all wish PCC Andy and Lions Lady Louis a Happy New Year, and hope that 2017 will bring improved health for Andy.

I would also like to advise Members “where we are at” for the first six months of our 2016-2017 Lions Year.  At present our V6 District is showing a deficit of 27 members, however I do congratulate the 14 Clubs that have increased their membership so far in this current year, and the club that is showing the highest increase of 5 members is the Tungamah Lions Club, and current President PDG Les Harrison says “there are more to come”, so even in a small community this great effort has been achieved.                              “ALL WE NEED TO DO IS ASK” It sounds too simple but it does work.

If clubs need assistance with conducting “New Member Information Days” please let Cabinet Secretary Julie Simpson know, and also any other help that maybe required.     You are not out there by yourselves, as we are part of a big team (and Lions family) ready to support each other.

Most of all we are all “Volunteers” and we volunteer when we are able to do so, and that we are happy when we are serving our community.

Kind Regards                          Happy Members = Happy Club

Peter Poels                                   and Having Fun Whilst

District Governor.                                  “We Serve”


Lions club members are men and women who strive to make a difference in their local community as well as in communities worldwide. Their volunteer efforts go beyond the support of vision care, to addressing unmet health and education needs worldwide.

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