District 201 V6

Victoria and New South Wales, Australia

Lets celebrate all that is great about LIons

Our year is racing along, can’t believe I only have 4 months left after this meeting until I’m a feather duster.

Our District has inducted 54 but lost 90 members,
(11 deceased members).
Our total membership at the time of writing is 1239, way below the magic number of 1250!!  This is the point at which we can sustain our District.

We are in trouble, but we are not alone, there are 9 Districts going into or are in ‘Transition’. These numbers show that there is a trend away from Service organisations, not only Lions, as Rotary and Apex are both experiencing the same problem.  In order to continue, we as Lions, need to address the issue at the hear of the problem – dissatisfied members.

I’m asking all clubs to support the upcoming “Rebuilding Workshop”, gain ideas and skills to help you to keep your club strong or to rebuild your club to its former glory, energise your members and increase interest in activities and projects.  New members will only stay if they feel valued and have a role in the running of the club. 

Since the last Cabinet meeting we have visited most of our clubs, we have been through flooded roads, and high winds in order to keep to our schedule, but unfortunately things don’t always go to plan. A slight bingle upset the schedule and visits to the doctors, so now we still have 3 to go.  Each and every one has been a pleasure, all are different and have their special projects and activities, but they are all working for their communities in the best way they can.

On a disappointing note, I have had to close Mansfield Club down, this was due to lack of numbers, not lack of enthusiasm.  Four members can’t keep a club going, especially when they are over 70 years old.  They have done an excellent job for their community, and with any luck, in the near future, we will go back to Mansfield and a new club.

My thanks to the Lions members of Barham Koondrook for a fantastic convention, well organised and run.  Fantastic job.  The “Service of Remembrance” was a very special occasion, thanks to Lion Rob & Sue Daws for the service and Lion John Boyd for the beautiful orchids. 

Congratulations to Lion Judy McKerrow on your election to District Governor Elect and Lion Omeni Ndlovu on your election to 1st Vice District Governor and Lion Roberta Horne who was elected to 2nd Vice District Governor. 
Lion Judy has great experience and knowledge and will be a fantastic Governor for our District.

During our travels we have tried to assist clubs at working bees or events, one such event was the Denni Ute Muster.  Now this was an eye opener…  Never been before and thought it was a bit of a B&S Ball type thing, lots of noise and drinking.  The age group that attends is right across the board from babies to ‘Grey Nomads’, sleeping arrangements from swags on the ground to big 5th wheelers.  Mind you, most of them couldn’t park them or didn’t know how to un-hook.  Lots of fun

On another occasion we went to help out Elmore Lions with a new event they had become involved with.  Once again no idea what to expect, but an interesting day directing vehicles into lanes to find their parking spot. 

Lee and I attended the 40th Charter Anniversary of the Henty Lions Club, it was good to see so many people there to help them celebrate 40 years of service to their community.

Wodonga Lions held a fundraising evening with “Dead Men Talking”, a look at the life and times of Banjo Patterson and Henry Lawson, interpreted by Warren Fahey and Max Cullen at the Albury Arts Centre.  A very enjoyable night.

On 17th December we visited the RSL Park in Deniliquin to witness the culmination of many hours of work in the dedication of the Liberty Swing.  This was a combined services and community clubs project lead by the Lions of Deniliquin, showing how things can be achieved by working together. Great work by all.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate any Lions who received an award or recognition in the Australia Day Awards around the District, including ZC Peter Croucher (Kiewa Tangambalaga), Lion Graham Minnis (Barham Koondrook) and Lion Darryl Whateley (Deniliquin), also LEO’s Annette (Rochester) and Jazmin (Tungamah).

Thank you to all members of Cabinet for the job you have done over the past 6 months, it is very much appreciated.

DG Norm Walkington

“Strength Through Unity” ~ together we can achieve


We are the Lions

We meet the needs of our local communities and the world.

Our 1.44 million men and women in 208 countries and geographic areas conduct vision and health screenings, build parks, support eye hospitals, award scholarships, assist youth, provide help in time of disaster and much more.

Join us in making our communities and the world better places to live.

Membership is vital to keep our Service work going.